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Sustainable energy supply with biomass cogeneration plants.
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We develop solutions for sustainable energy supply from biogenic residues for electricity, heating and cooling.

We turn innovative trends into sustainable, economical solutions.
Our biomass cogeneration plants use solid, renewable fuels such as wood pellets or wood chips. This not only saves you energy costs, but also makes an important contribution to climate protection through the use of renewable raw materials - around the clock.


Our product range consists of two types of plants: 50 kWel for wood pellets and 50 kWel for wood chips. Both plants produce wood gas, which is used in a CHP unit to generate electricity and heat.
We therefore cover the most common needs of many of our customers' applications. We usually deliver our biomass cogeneration plants in containers, pre-assembled and tested. This shortens the time required for installation and commissioning.
The complete system also consists of at least one storage tank and the necessary transport technology. Additional peripheral equipment can be supplied if required.


Fuel: wood pellets.
Rated power: 50 kW electric and 120 kW thermal.
Particularly suitable for hotels, farms, food industry and public facilities with local and district heating.
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ENTRENCO E5 Wood Chips

Fuel: wood chips.
Rated power: 50 kW electric and 120 kW thermal.
Particularly suitable for wood processing industries, such as sawmills, furniture manufacturers and numerous other industries with access to already dried wood chips.
Peripheral equipment for drying can be supplied if required.
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The reasons why a biomass CHP system is the right solution for your company

Our biomass CHP units are optimally designed by their performance to meet the requirements of companies such as farms, hotels, spas, residential complexes or public institutions such as schools or hospitals. Thanks to the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, the CHP unit can cover both the company’s own needs and be used to supply electricity to the public grid. There is the possibility of fixed feed-in tariffs or direct sales with interesting market opportunities.

Independence from fossil fuels

By using biomass, a company can operate independently of fossil fuels. In this way, you simultaneously reduce risks to your energy supply and increase sustainability.

Lower energy costs

By switching to biomass CHP units, you can avoid the rising cost of fossil energy. With our biomass CHP units, you can save up to 30 percent on energy costs.

Contribution to climate protection

By using wood as biomass, the raw material cycle is CO2 neutral. In addition, we use residual and waste wood. Due to the high efficiency of up to 85 percent, our CHP units have a lower fuel requirement.

Who is a biomass CHP system suitable for?

A biomass CHP system with wood-fired power supply is particularly worthwhile for companies that require large amounts of thermal energy on a constant basis for their operations – even in summer. Our CHP units generate electricity that can be used for the company’s own needs or supplied to the public grid. At the same time, the CHP units produce heat, e.g. for drying materials, for heating purposes or for the production of cooling.

Our equipment is suitable for the following companies and industries, including:

  • Hotels, spas and wellness resorts
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Food industry
  • Shopping centers
  • Wood processing industry, such as sawmills, carpentries, furniture manufacturers
  • Public facilities, such as schools, hospitals or cultural institutions
  • Residential complexes with high electricity and heat consumption
  • Properties with high electricity and heat consumption
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